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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
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Performance Management Center (PMC)


The Performance Management Center improves the Department of Labor's program performance efforts through data-driven analysis, sharing best practices, and implementing activities associated with the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010. The PMC also manages the Department's Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)/Interagency Agreement (IAA), Secretary's Orders and the DOL Manual Series processes, which ensure transparency and accountability.


To build a progressive performance management culture in the Department of Labor that enables strategic, data-driven decision-making – in a transparent, accurate, and responsible manner – to benefit the Nation's job seekers and wage earners.


The Center is divided into two offices:

  • The Office of Performance Planning (OPP) leads Departmental strategic planning activities, including the preparation of the Department's Strategic Plan. The Office manages the MOU/IAA, Secretary's Orders and DOL Manual Series processes.
  • The Office of Performance Monitoring (OPM) monitors organizational program results, assists program managers in identifying and analyzing performance issues and trends, and prepares the Department's Annual Performance Report.