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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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ILAB Technical Cooperation Project Summary

Project Title

HIV/AIDS Prevention in the World of Work

ILAB Program

International HIV/AIDS Workplace Education Program


Sri Lanka

Project Duration

January 2005 – Dec 2007

Fiscal Year and Funding Level


Problem to be Addressed

Sri Lanka has an estimated 3500 people living with HIV/AIDS with the actual prevalence rate possibly higher.  The country has a low level of HIV prevalence but vulnerability to HIV/AIDS is high due to factors such as: a large unemployed youth population, internal and external migration, growing commercial sex industry, an expanding tourist industry, the presence of sexually transmitted infections, low levels of condom use, and increased drug use.  The project aims to contribute to the reduction of HIV/AIDS adverse consequences on social, labor and economic development by building a sustainable national response.


  • Ministry of Labor Relations and Foreign Employment
  • (MOLRFE)
  • Plantation workers
  • Migrant workers
  • Workers in the Free Trade Zones
  • Hotel sector
  • Workers in agriculture and fishing sectors.

Project objectives

To reduce the HIV/AIDS risk behaviors of employees and families in the targeted enterprises and to reduce the level of workplace discrimination against persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Summary of Activities

  • Integration of HIV/AIDS in the labor policies of the Ministry of Labor Relations and Foreign Employment.
  • Establishment of HIV/AIDS policies and programs in targeted workplace sectors.
  • An online resource center is established to support the development of HIV/AIDS policy and prevention programs in the workplace. 
  • A tripartite national policy statement, containing key principles to be adhered to with regard to HIV/AIDS in the world of work is adopted and widely disseminated.

Partner Organizations





Executing Agency
International Labor Organization (ILO)

Implementing and Collaborating Agencies
MOLRFE, Ministry of Industries, Tourism and Investment promotion, Ministry of Health, Employers, Trade Union

Office of Trade and Labor Affairs
Division of Trade Agreement Administration and Technical cooperation
(202) 693-4900

Date Last Updated

August 2007