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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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ILAB Technical Cooperation Project Summary

Project Title

Workforce and Local Economic Development

ILAB Program

Expanding Economic Opportunities and Income Security


Pakistan – North West Frontier and Punjab
Philippines - Mindanao

Project Duration

October 2002 – September 2007

Funding Level


Problem to be Addressed

In Pakistan and the Philippines, there is a desperate need to create employment opportunities and enhance the capacity of the most disadvantaged groups to generate income.  The alarming increase in poverty in Pakistan, with the greatest increases in rural areas, is a major problem that this project will address.  In the southern provinces of the Philippines, young Muslims and those in the rural areas are the most adversely affected by poverty.


  • North West Frontier and Punjab Provinces, Pakistan – Poor rural women, disenfranchised young people, and people with disabilities
  • Mindanao, Philippines – Poor women affected by military conflict, young adults from Central Mindanao, ethnic groups including highlanders and lumads living in rural villages affected by the war, and people with disabilities

Project objectives

To build on and enhance the capacity for developing skills and creating employment opportunities for the most socially and economically disadvantaged groups in Pakistan and the Philippines, including rural women, disenfranchised young adults, and people with disabilities.

Summary of Activities

Implementation of the International Labor Organization’s community-based training model, including:

  • Developing community structures for microfinance support programs, management systems of community enterprises, and capital support for community corporations/cooperatives
  • Providing skills training opportunities through needs-based vocational training and enterprise literacy and entrepreneurial programs
  • Developing partnership agreements with government and non-government organizations and corporate linkages between the communities and the formal sector, especially with business corporations
  • Implementing rural economic and income-generating policies and strategies at the grassroots level
  • Creating public awareness of programs and strategies

Partner Organizations






Executing Agency
International Labor Organization (ILO)
Implementing and Collaborating Agencies
Government agencies, employer organizations, worker organizations, local NGOs


Office of Trade and Labor Affairs
Division of Trade Agreement Administration and Technical cooperation
(202) 693-4900

Last Updated

August 2007