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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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ILAB Technical Cooperation Project Summary

Project Title

HIV/AIDS Prevention in the World of Work

ILAB Program

International HIV/AIDS Workplace Education Program



Project Duration

March 1, 2004- October, 2007

Funding Level


Problem to be Addressed

The adult HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Nepal is still low, but the possibility for its rapid spread is growing. The epidemic is currently adversely affecting several of Nepal’s neighbors, especially China and India, and the outlook for Nepal is increasingly becoming negative. National and international development agencies are making strong calls to put in place immediate and sustainable interventions. The government currently estimates that 60,000 people are living with HIV/AIDS.  However in the absence of a strong national surveillance system and in the face of significant risk factors, the real prevalence rate is probably higher. It is also possible that Nepal is only a few years away from a generalizedepidemic.


Ministry of Labor and Transport Management (MOLTM); Ministry of Health; labor inspectors; trade unions; employer groups

Project objectives

Reduce the HIV/AIDS risk behaviors of employees and families in the targeted enterprises. Reduce the level of workplace discrimination against persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Summary of Activities

  • Integration of HIV/AIDS in the labor policies of the Ministry of Labor and Transport Management.
  • Establishment of comprehensive HIV/AIDS policies and prevention, care and support programs in targeted workplaces, in both the formal and informal economy
  • Conduct meetings with professional organizations and other relevant stakeholders on how to improve worker’s conditions and promote relevant programs supporting workers/employees rights, especially the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Partner Organizations





Executing Agency
International Labor Organization (ILO)
Implementing and Collaborating Agencies
MOLTM, National Centre for AIDS and STI Control,  Trade Unions


Office of Trade and Labor Affairs
Division of Trade Agreement Administration and Technical cooperation
(202) 693-4900

Date Last Updated

August  2007