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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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ILAB Technical Cooperation Project Summary

Project Title

United States-China Labor Law Cooperation Project

ILAB Program

Increasing Labor Law Compliance



Project Duration

September 2002 – September 2007

Funding Level

$ 4.1 million, FY2002

Problems to be Addressed

As China continues to transition to a market-oriented economy, it will require suitable labor laws, regulations, and procedures to manage industrial relations and to protect the rights of workers in accordance with national law and internationally recognized worker standards.   The growth of China’s economy has far outpaced the government’s ability to properly deal with the diversified workforce.


  • Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MOLSS), Employers, Workers, NGOs

Project Objectives

  • To enhance the Chinese government’s capacity to develop laws and regulations to implement internationally recognized worker rights;
  • To promote greater awareness of labor law among Chinese workers and employers;
  • To improve industrial relations and develop a national system to educate government officials, workers and academics on worker rights, collective bargaining, and labor dispute prevention and resolution; and
  • To enhance legal aid services to workers and migrant laborers, providing services through governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Summary of Activities

  • Assist the government in developing a national system for the training of government officials in the enforcement of national labor laws;
  • Develop training materials and techniques and provide training for labor inspectors to enhance their effectiveness.
  • Develop an educational information on labor law to educate workers and employers about their legal responsibilities and rights;
  • Promote innovative forms of labor-management cooperation in the workplace;
  • Develop effective ways to improve the existing labor dispute prevention and resolution system;
  • Provide training to enhance the provision of legal services to migrant and women workers

Partner Organizations

Executing Agencies
Consortium of Worldwide Strategies, Asia Foundation, and National Committee on US-China RelationsImplementing and Collaborating Agencies
MOLSS, local labor bureaus, employer organizations, and NGOs

Contact Information

Office of Trade and Labor Affairs
Division of Trade Agreement Administration and Technical Cooperation
(202) 693-4900

Last Updated

August 2007