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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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Technical Cooperation Project Summary

Project Title

Promoting the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and Social Dialogue in Egypt

ILAB Program

Promote labor reforms, tripartism and the fundamental principles and rights at Work.



Project Duration

January 2008- June 2014

Funding Level



Ministry of Labor, employers, and trade unions, and workers

Project Objectives

  • Workers and employers are more knowledgeable of their rights and obligations and increasingly engage in constructive dialogue and negotiations.
  • Independent, competent and representative employers’ and workers’ organizations are able to better represent and defend the interests of their members.
  • The Ministry of Manpower has a strengthened capacity to prevent and settle labor disputes.
  • Labor legislation is reformed bringing it into conformity with ratified ILO Conventions and the principles of the Declaration.

Summary of Activities

Partner Organizations

Executing Agency: International Labor Organization (ILO)

Implementing and Collaborating Agencies