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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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Latest News from ILAB

10 Nov 2015 14:00 EST

Winrock International awarded $4.5M to reduce child labor in cocoa-growing communities in Ghana

Implement a project to empower cocoa-growing communities and help youth further their education or develop marketable skills. Learn More »

06 Nov 2015 16:15 EST

DOL, Government of Paraguay commit to support new $6 million program to combat child labor

When the government of Paraguay established its Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security in 2014, it demonstrated a commitment to tackling important challenges, including combating child labor and strengthening enforcement of its labor laws. To help achieve this goal, it reached out to the U.S. Department of Labor to help build the capacity of its new ministry. Learn More »

16 Oct 2015 11:30 EDT

International Labour Organization awarded $9.8 million to address forced labor globally

The four-year project called the Bridge Project ("From Protocol to Practice: Building a Bridge to Global Action on Forced Labor") funded by the Bureau of International Labor Affairs, will help raise awareness globally of the urgent need to eradicate forced labor and invest the resources needed to further data collection to more accurately measure the problem. The project will also strengthen supply-chain monitoring and law-enforcement training and implement measures to protect victims of forced labor and provide them with access to remediation. The project includes pilot programs in at least three countries, including Mauritania, Nepal, and Peru. These countries will serve as models for how a Protocol and Recommendation to ILO Convention 29 on Forced Labor, adopted in 2014, could be effectively implemented at the country level. Learn More »

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