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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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By the Sweat & Toil of Children (Volume V)
Efforts to Eliminate Child Labor

By the Sweat & Toil of Children (Volume V) - Logo

This fifth volume in a congressionally-mandated series of annual reports reviews the child labor situation in 16 developing countries where child labor has been identified as a problem, and analyzes the level and types of action being undertaken to reduce child exploitation in those countries.

In-depth analysis concentrates on the size and scope of the child labor problem in each country, the relavent child labor and education laws and regulations as well as their enforcement, the state of universal primary education, and targeted initiatives to remove children from work.

The countries analyzed in this report are: Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, and Turkey.

Detailed tables present statistics on the estimated number of child workers by country, relevant laws on minimum ages for work and compulsory education, and indicators of educational attainment and expenditures. 230 pages. 1998.

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