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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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ILAB Around the World

The Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB) has unique responsibilities in a larger U.S. government effort to create a more prosperous international economic system, in which all workers can share in the benefits of increased international trade; and work in healthier and safer workplaces where the basic rights of adults and children are protected.

An important part of ILAB responsibilities is coordinating with other U.S government agencies, international bodies and other governments around the world to eradicate exploitive child labor, forced labor and human trafficking. ILAB carries out monitoring and oversight activities to assess the performance, effectiveness and impact of DOL-funded technical cooperation projects in these areas.

Using the map below, you can view the work ILAB is engaged in by region and country. For example, you will find technical cooperation project descriptions and summaries as well as midterm and final evaluations. You will also be able to view country specific sections of ILAB's Congressionally-mandated research.

Find out more about ILAB around the world by clicking on the map or selecting a region from the list below:

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