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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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ILAB in Cambodia

Map of Cambodia


Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor & Human Trafficking (OCFT)

Office of Trade and Labor Affairs (OTLA)


Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor

Most Recent Report on the Worst Forms of Child Labor - Guatemala

This annual report focuses on the efforts of U.S. trade beneficiary countries and territories to eliminate the worst forms of child labor through legislation, enforcement mechanisms, policies and social programs. The report presents findings on the prevalence and sectoral distribution of the worst forms of child labor in each country, country-specific suggestions for government action (since 2010), and individual country assessments that identify where Significant, Moderate, Minimal, or No Advancement has been made (since 2011). (Learn More...)

List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor

Report Cover for the List of Goods Produced by Child Labor and Forced Labor ILAB develops and makes public a list of goods from countries it has reason to believe are produced by child labor or forced labor in violation of international standards. The List is not intended to be punitive, but rather to raise public awareness about child labor and forced labor and to promote efforts to address them – as a starting point for individual and collective action. Publication of the List has provided ILAB new opportunities to engage in technical cooperation with foreign governments and has also been a valuable resource to many companies in carrying out risk assessment and due diligence on labor rights in their supply chains. (Learn More...)