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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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Employment & Social Protection

Strong job growth and adequate social protection are essential to achieving inclusive, sustainable, and broad-based economic growth globally. By creating quality jobs with access to social protection and basic worker rights, a country can reduce inequality and improve the overall standard of living of its people.  Across the global economy, inclusive economic growth based on job creation and rising incomes supports greater consumption and investment, contributing to a virtuous cycle of sustained economic growth.

Our Role

Through its multilateral and bilateral engagements, ILAB:

  • Promotes a greater understanding of the key role that quality employment and social protection¬† play in inclusive economic growth;
  • Advances efforts aimed at fostering employment creation and developing and implementing effective social protection programs;
  • Promotes respect for the fundamental rights of all workers;
  • Works with other governments to exchange best practices on key employment and labor issues;
  • Conducts research and disseminates findings on effective labor and employment policies.

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