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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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Since 2005, OCFT has commissioned ICF to provide research and data collection services to fulfill OCFT's extramural research objectives. The reports on this website provide findings from ICF-implemented quantitative studies on child labor that encompass a wide range of sectors and countries.

Information Available for Each Study

Each study contains the following information for download:

  1. Analytical report: Each report is in PDF format and is accessible to individuals with disabilities, in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
  2. Dataset file:
    1. Dataset: Each dataset is available in SPSS format (.sav), which allows users to run independent analyses
    2. Survey instruments: All the data collection tools for each study are also included in the dataset file
    3. Data dictionary (codebook): Each dataset is accompanied by its associated data dictionary, which explains how the dataset is organized and how key measurements were calculated with the variables in the dataset

Additional OCFT research is available at