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Bureau of International Labor Affairs

2012 In Focus Archive: May 4, 2012

Website Management

Manages ILAB's website. Designs pages, writes and edits content and personally handles requests for developing new pages, as well as proposing new pages and other changes when appropriate. Writes, edits and provides content in a web-appropriate format that is clear, concise, accessible, and interesting for external stakeholders.

Uses expertise in search engine optimization to maximize the website's impact, attracting many more users and guiding them to material relevant to their interests and needs.

Uses social media and other digital tools to bring more viewers to website and to regularly reach out to and update both experts and the general public on research, findings, mandates, projects, and opportunities to get involved.

Takes initiative and responsibility for improving website content and features. Ensures the material is factually and technically accurate and up to date.

Within the boundaries of agency guidance, determines the best architecture, design and navigational features for the website, in order to enhance visual and information effectiveness. Continually finds ways to improve its structure, function, layout, graphics, links, taxonomy, text, images, user interfaces, and other features to optimize clarity, timeliness, and impact.

Verifies that all information disseminated to the public reflects and conveys ILAB's achievements, policy positions and priorities, and that potentially sensitive information is properly vetted before publication.

Communication and Outreach

Develops and implements a communication strategy to use the web, social media, and other electronic media as cutting-edge, fully interactive communication tools for engaging with a wide variety of stakeholders and the public.

Proposes and implements strategies to build knowledge of and support for ILAB's goals and initiatives. Identifies ways to support and publicize ILAB's work by using the website and social media to post messages, pictures, video, and other materials.

Writes and edits blogs and manages social media programs to draw larger audiences to ILAB's website, guide users to relevant information, and elicit useful input from stakeholders and the public.

Proposes and helps to arrange media events and opportunities to use digital and social media to publicize and build support ILAB's goals and achievements.

Assists in conducting outreach to external and internal stakeholders to determine their informational needs. Ensures that ILAB's communications strategies and web-based tools are optimized for reaching a much broader audience and providing relevant information in a format that is useful, accessible, and engaging.

Evaluates stakeholder and public opinions by monitoring appropriate media outlets, blogs and article comments, and develops appropriate responses. Establishes and maintains needed files including photographs and audiovisual materials.

Works closely and coordinates with ILAB personnel and DOL's Office of Public Affairs.

Writes and edits a variety of documents for publication and dissemination, ensuring that they meet the highest standards for accuracy, consistency, fairness, syntax, grammar, clarity, conciseness, and rhetorical eloquence.