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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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A Toolkit for Responsible Businesses
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Forms of Public Reporting

Your company’s public reporting on your social compliance program, including the auditing and verification processes and other elements of the program discussed in previous sections, may be a stand-alone report or part of a broader sustainability or corporate social responsibility (CSR) report. It may be published in hard copy and/or on your company’s website; some companies publish both an annual or other regular hard-copy report and updates online.  

Reporting should also include periodic communication with stakeholders about issues of importance that come up unexpectedly; this type of reporting should be done as needed and as appropriate to the circumstances.  Whatever format is chosen, reporting should be timely and regular, and you should make an effort to ensure that key information is accessible to a wide variety of audiences, including those who may not have access to the Internet.

Example In Action

Public Reporting: The Better Work Approach

Better Work produces semi-annual public “synthesis reports” for each country program to inform stakeholders about working conditions in participating factories.  The reports contain aggregated compliance data for all Better Work enterprises in a country program.  In most country programs, the initial assessment [audit] of each enterprise is confidential, but producers are usually listed in the synthesis report, along with the non-compliances found, after a second round of assessments. Synthesis reports are published in multiple languages on the Better Work website.

For more information, visit the Better Work website.