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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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A Toolkit for Responsible Businesses
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Communicating the Code

Effective communication is an important aspect of any social compliance program.  Many companies have learned that merely auditing workplaces and remediating violations alone does not solve many of the labor problems found at harvesting, mining and production sites, processing facilities and other workplaces.  Ongoing training and communication, capacity building and an emphasis on continuous improvement have been found to be the most effective path to sustaining progress toward greater compliance.

Step 4, Communicate and Train Across Your Supply Chain will discuss the ins and outs of communicating your code and compliance system to a variety of audiences: your own employees, your shareholders, your suppliers, supplier managers and supervisors, workers at facilities throughout the supply chain, governments, workers’ organizations, community groups and others. It will also discuss ways to make the code more accessible to stakeholders by avoiding unnecessary technical jargon and providing for translation into multiple languages.