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Bureau of International Labor Affairs
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A Toolkit for Responsible Businesses
Boy working in the carpet industry

Checklist: Key "Landscape" Questions

The following are key questions to answer when gathering information as part of the risk and impact assessment process.               

Labor market:

  • Is child labor a major problem in the country?
  • Does it affect only certain sectors?
  • Do children work mostly in formal or informal  enterprises?
  • Is the major problem with workers under the legal age or with those over the legal age but undertaking hazardous work?


  • What national child labor laws exist that define permissible and non-permissible work for children? What are the provisions and definitions?
  • Has the country ratified the ILO’s Minimum Age Convention (C. 138); and/or the Worst Forms of Child Labor Convention (C. 182)?
  • Has a list of what constitutes “hazardous work” been agreed upon by the social partners?


  • Is the government active in enforcing laws? What ministries or agencies are active?
  • Is the education ministry an important player? How about local boards or councils?
  • Which local, national and international NGOs are active in your area in the field of child labor? Are there outside groups that are monitoring the issue, or others that can help enterprises and employers’ organizations remove children from work and help their parents increase income?
  • Are international bodies such as the ILO or UNICEF active in the country? The International Organization for Migration?
  • What other business groups, including sector associations, are active in the country?

Buyers and consumers:

  • Are the expectations of buyers and consumers more stringent than national laws?
  • Do the expectations of buyers vary by sector?  Are textile buyers stricter than coffee buyers, for example?
  • Have producers complained about the multiplicity of demands from buyers?
  • Have attempts been made to coordinate among buyers so that they agree on a common set of standards?

Adapted from International Labor Organization and International Organization of Employers, The role of employers’ organizations in combating child labour, Guide 3, 2007.


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