What have labor-management partnerships meant for your organization? We want to hear your story.

Thousands of employers across the country work creatively and cooperatively with unions that represent their employees to resolve complex workplace issues through labor-management partnerships. We want to hear from you about how having a labor-management partnership has:

  • Benefitted your business
  • Resolved complex workplace issues
  • Improved your collective bargaining relationship
  • Positively impacted you personally

Here are a few examples of what others have shared:

Katelynn Coney

"I started at [my transit company] in 2015, right when they were starting their apprenticeship program through [my] college. I love the labor management partnership that they offer. This program has allowed me to master operations, become a mentor, and now one of the coordinators for the program."

— Katelynn, California

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"As a single parent of four children, I knew I needed a good job with good benefits so I could provide and sustain a financially stable foundation for my family... Through the Joint Workforce Investment Program, a labor-management partnership, I received a mentor right out of technical training. My mentor provided me the soft skills I needed to be successful in my new career, helped me pave my own path, encouraged me to be involved with our union and inspired me to become a mentor the first chance I had."

— Patricia, California

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Patricia Murray

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