Paid Leave

It's Time for America to #LeadOnLeave




The most important family value of all is time together. With the changing nature of our 21st-century workforce, it's getting harder and harder to balance the demands of the family you love and the job you need. Change has yet to come to Washington, but momentum is growing in the states: So far, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut and several cities have passed paid family and medical leave or earned sick days laws. It's time to update workplace policies that are stuck in the past and give more Americans paid leave to care for those they love or their own illness without risking their economic security. It's time for us to #LeadOnLeave.


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Secretary Perez and White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett have traveled the country to highlight how state, localities and businesses are taking the lead on leave. They've sat down with workers, local leaders, business owners, and even some of you, to discuss how flexible workplace policies — such as paid leave — can help support families and businesses. Across the country momentum is building to #LeadOnLeave.

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