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Apprenticeship is win-win for both employers and workers.

ApprenticeshipUSA offers employers in every industry the tools to develop a highly skilled workforce to help grow their business. For workers, ApprenticeshipUSA offers opportunities to earn a salary while learning the skills necessary to succeed in high-demand careers. ApprenticeshipUSA exemplifies high standards, instructional rigor and quality training. Whether you are an employer looking to hire, train or retain a skilled workforce, or a worker looking for a new career in a well-paying occupation, ApprenticeshipUSA will help you achieve your goals.


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Employers & Partners
With a network of over 150,000 employers in more than 1,000 occupations, ApprenticeshipUSA is developing a new generation of workers to help our nation succeed in the 21st-century economy.
Patrick O'Leary

“Finding and training dedicated workers is necessary to growing both a business and an economy. As a proud RA member, UPS is committed to helping equip workers with necessary skills to contribute to that growth.”

Patrick O'Leary, Human Resources and Veterans Affairs Manager, United Parcel Service

David R. Getty

“We will always maintain our apprenticeship program because we value our highly engaged, creative, and innovative people. We've seen triple digit return on investment from our apprentice graduates even during difficult economic conditions. Our people are the reason for the company's success.”

David R. Getty, Communications Manager, Oberg Industries

Connie Ashbrook

“OTI enrolls more than 100 women in our pre-apprenticeship class every year, who are capable and ready to begin an apprenticeship and they flourish because they have been well prepared for the opportunity and have a clear idea of what to expect in their apprenticeship. Because of our strong partnerships, the apprenticeship programs we work with average 9.3 percent women.”

Connie Ashbrook, Executive Director, Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc.

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Success Stories

Asia Mitchell

Meet Asia Mitchell

Each day, 8,000 people in America turn 65 and many will need the assistance of home health care workers. Asia Mitchell is serving on the front line as a home care aide. Through the SEIU Healthcare Apprenticeship program, she is getting trained in the latest skills and is now seeing opportunities for a career pathway in health care. "Through the apprenticeship program, I've discovered that caregiving is something that I'm good at and that will maybe eventually lead me to pursue nursing," Mitchell says.

Deawendoe St. Martin

Meet Deawendoe St. Martin

Breaking into the construction trades has been historically challenging for women where only 3 percent of workers are women. For "Dee" St. Martin, a hard worker with a gift for fixing things, she knew she wanted to find a lifelong career that would allow her to support her children. With the assistance of Oregon Tradeswomen Inc., Dee participated in a seven-week pre-apprenticeship program that prepared her with the knowledge and skills to succeed in construction trades. Through her hard work and dedication, she is now making a wage that enables her to comfortably support her family. If you ask her what her next goal in life is, she would tell you, "The sky's the limit."