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Drug-Free Workplace Advisor

Supervisor Training

After developing a drug-free workplace policy statement, your organization should train those individuals closest to the workforce–supervisors. Training supervisors is an integral part of every drug-free workplace program. Supervisors should be provided with basic information about your drug-free workplace program and their role in its implementation.

At a minimum, supervisor training should include a review of:

  • Your drug-free workplace policy;
  • The supervisor's specific responsibilities in implementing the policy; and
  • Ways to recognize and deal with employees who have job performance problems that could be related to alcohol and other drugs.

This section of the Advisor takes you through a sample of the materials that should be covered in a supervisor training session. It is recommended that you review all the material the first time you go through this section. To move from one section to the next, click on the topic in the Menu Bar on the left side of the screen.

"Instructions for the Trainer" have been incorporated throughout the material to help you develop and present your own program.

Also provided in the Supervisor Training section is a slide presentation with accompanying handouts that can be printed and used as part of your training program. The presentation is designed as introductory training for supervisors for making referrals to EAPs or treatment providers based on performance problems. It does not, however, address making determinations for referral for drug testing for reasonable suspicion.

Please note that the presentation may not be appropriate for all organizations. Therefore, it is recommended that you review the presentation and, if necessary, modify the materials as needed to best accomplish your training goals.

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