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How does an EAP support your drug-free workplace program?
What are the goals of an EAP?
What are the essential components of an EAP?
What services does an EAP offer?
How does an EAP help employees?
How does an EAP work?
What are the various types of EAPs?
How do you choose an EAP provider?
How is confidentiality protected?
current selection is What does an EAP policy look like?

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What does an EAP policy look like?

The following is a sample EAP policy. It may not suit your Employee Assistance Program. Do not adopt this policy unless you are sure that your EAP operates according to the statements it contains.

Our organization supports the drug-free workplace program by offering an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP is designed to assist employees with personal concerns that may impact their job performance. These concerns include but are not limited to health, marital, family, financial, emotional, alcohol abuse and drug use. We believe that all of us, at one time or another, have serious problems to deal with. It is important to seek help for such problems. Your EAP can help assess the problem, offer guidance and provide a referral to quality care.

We consider the abuse of alcohol and prescription drugs and the use of illegal drugs to be treatable conditions. We encourage employees to seek assistance for these problems on a confidential self-referral basis.

Participation in the EAP, on a voluntary basis, will not jeopardize an employee's opportunities for promotion or employment. Employees can contact the EAP directly. Their contact, participation in the EAP and any recommended treatment is confidential and will not be disclosed to the organization.

Employees may be referred to the EAP by their supervisor on the basis of job performance problems. When the employee follows through with the referral, the supervisor will be notified that the employee has made contact, but the exact nature of the problem will not be disclosed.

EAP services are available to the employee without charge, however, the cost of referrals to treatment or rehabilitation is the responsibility of the employee if the cost is not completely covered by insurance. In support of our drug-free workplace, our insurance plans include some coverage for the treatment of addiction.

*Include if testing is performed by the organization: An employee who tests positive on an alcohol and/or drug test may be referred to the EAP for assessment and rehabilitation recommendations. The employee's decision to participate in the recommended treatment, successful completion of the program and additional treatment recommendations will be communicated to the organization.