The Excellence in Disability Inclusion (EDI) Award recognizes federal contractors who excel in the recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion opportunities of individuals with disabilities.  In addition to the Award criteria, applicants must also agree to participate in outreach efforts, such as presentations at relevant conferences, webinars, online national dialogues, and additional outreach to other employers.

Who is Eligible for the Award

Federal contractors must meet four criteria to be eligible to receive the EDI Award. Eligibility also is contingent on current good standing related to compliance with three equal employment opportunity laws: Executive Order 11246, Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 503), and the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, as amended (VEVRAA).

Summary of the four Award criteria

  1. The facility (or location of the parent company or firm) has:
    • 50 or more employees
    • Federal contract of $50,000 or more
    • Current affirmative action program (AAP) for individuals with disabilities (Section 503)
    • Current AAP for equal employment opportunity (Executive Order 11246)
    • Current AAP for employment of protected veterans (VEVRAA), if the facility or parent company has a federal contract of $150,000 or more
  2. The facility (or location of the parent company or firm) has implemented equal employment opportunity and affirmative action programs for:
    • Section 503
    • Executive Order 11246
    • VEVRAA (if applicable)
  3. The facility (or location of the parent company or firm) has no unresolved violations of Section 503, Executive Order 11246, or VEVRAA (if applicable). NOTE: Unresolved issues include violations that are in litigation, violations in an open conciliation agreement, and violations in a pending compliance review.
  4. The facility (or location of the parent company or firm) has no adverse decisions by a court, Administrative Review Board, or Administrative Law Judge related to violations of Section 503, Executive Order 11246, VEVRAA, or Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended, within the last three years.

Contractor establishments that are covered by this recognition (or another OFCCP award that provides a moratorium) at the time of applying for the award will not be eligible. However, a moratorium at a separate establishment under the same contractor through an award program does not preclude the contractor establishment from applying for the award.

A complete list of requirements can be found in the EDI Award Nomination form. Please submit your completed nomination package to following the instructions on the nomination form by Friday, November 1, 2019. Questions about the award or nomination process may also be sent to

Frequently Asked Question

Our company has four establishments (A, B, C, D) that want to apply for the EDI Award that have recently undergone or are currently undergoing an OFCCP compliance evaluation. None of the establishments has an adverse Administrative Law Judge, Administrative Review Board, or court decision for a violation of OFCCP’s laws or the Americans with Disabilities Act in the last three years; however,

  • For Establishment A, OFCCP is currently conducting a desk audit.
  • For Establishment B, OFCCP has issued a predetermination notice (PDN) for a violation of Executive Order 11246 and our company is in the process of responding to it. No notice of violation (NOV) has been issued.
  • For Establishment C, OFCCP has finished a desk audit and an onsite review and issued an NOV for compensation discrimination under Executive Order 11246.
  • For Establishment D, our company entered into a conciliation agreement with OFCCP six months ago to resolve alleged discrimination under Executive Order 11246, under which our company is providing monitoring reports for the next 18 months.

Are these establishments eligible to apply for the EDI Award?

Establishments A and B are both eligible to apply for the EDI Award. However, if OFCCP issues either establishment an NOV, the establishment would no longer be eligible to receive the EDI Award.

Establishments C and D are not eligible to apply for the EDI Award because OFCCP has either found a violation of its laws in a pending compliance review (as evidenced by the issuance of an NOV), or has found a violation that was resolved by a conciliation agreement that still has an open monitoring period.

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