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Employee Benefits Security Administration

Review Of COBRA Subsidy Denials

If the plan determines that you are not eligible for the premium reduction, you can request an expedited review of the denial. The Department of Labor will handle appeals related to private sector employer plans subject to ERISA’s COBRA provisions. The Department of Health and Human Services will handle appeals for Federal, State, and local governmental employees, as well as appeals related to group health insurance coverage provided pursuant to state continuation coverage laws. The Departments are required to make a determination regarding your appeal within 15 business days after receiving your completed application for review.

Note: Appeals to the Department of Labor must be submitted on a U.S. Department of Labor application form. The form will soon be available at and can be completed online or mailed or faxed as indicated in the instructions.

If you believe you have been inappropriately denied eligibility for the premium reduction, you may wish to speak with an Employee Benefits Security Administration Benefits Advisor at 1.866.444.3272 before filing this form.