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Employee Benefits Security Administration
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Laws And Regulations

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Code Of Federal Regulations

Codified in Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations:

Technical Guidance

Federal Register Documents

Technical Releases

  • Technical Release 2016-01 - Application of the Market Reforms and other Provisions of the ACA to Student Health Coverage
  • Technical Release 2014-01 - Guidance on State regulation of stop-loss insurance
  • Technical Release 2013-04 - Guidance on same-sex marriages and employee benefit plans
  • Technical Release 2013-03 - Guidance on the applicability to HRAs, health FSAs, and certain other employer healthcare arrangements
  • Technical Release 2013-02 - Guidance on the notice to employees of coverage options under FLSA §18B and updated model election notice under COBRA
  • Technical Release 2013-01 - Extension of the Transition Period for the Temporary NAIC-similar State External Review Process under the Affordable Care Act
  • Technical Release 2012-02 - Guidance on 90-Day Waiting Period Limitation under Public Health Service Act § 2708
  • Technical Release 2012-01 - Automatic Enrollment, Employer Shared Responsibility, and Waiting Periods
  • Technical Release 2011-03R - Revised Interim Policy on Electronic Disclosure Under 29 CFR 2550.404a-5
  • Technical Release 2011-04 - Guidance on Rebates for Group Health Plans Paid Pursuant to the Medical Loss Ratio Requirements of the Public Health Service Act
  • Technical Release 2011-03 - Interim Policy on Electronic Disclosure Under 29 CFR 2550.404a-5. Superseded by Technical Release 2011-03R
  • Technical Release 2011-02 - Guidance on External Review for Group Health Plans and Health Insurance Issuers Offering Group and Individual Health Coverage, and Guidance for States on State External Review Processes
  • Technical Release 2011-01 - Extension of Non-Enforcement Period Relating to Certain Interim Procedures for Internal Claims and Appeals under ACA
  • Technical Release 2010-02 - Interim Procedures for Internal Claims and Appeals under ACA
  • Technical Release 2010-01 - Interim Procedures for Federal External Review Relating to Internal Claims and Appeals and External Review under ACA
  • Technical Release - Notice of Changes Under HIPAA to Cobra Continuation Coverage under Group Health Plans
  • Technical Release 97-01 - Clarifies the application of HIPAA portability provisions to Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Technical Release 97-02 - Clarifies the application of nondiscrimination provisions to individuals who, prior to the effective date of HIPAA, were denied group health coverage based on a health-status related factor
  • Technical Release 92-01 - Announces the revised enforcement policy with respect to cafeteria and contributory welfare plans and provides guidance on the application of the trust, reporting, and disclosure rules under Title I of ERISA to such plans
  • Technical Release 88-01 - Announces Enforcement Policy on Participant Contributions to Cafeteria Plans and Consideration of a Regulatory Exemption. Superseded by Technical Release 92-01

Regulatory Agenda and Related Events