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Employee Benefits Security Administration

Filings Required of Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements and Certain Other Related Entities - Proposed Rule

The comments will be made available in alternative format to persons with disabilities upon request.

  1. AARP
    David Certner
    February 29, 2012
  2. Society of Professional Benefit Administrators (SPBA)
    Elizabeth Ysla Leight
    March 12, 2012
  1. Terry C. Hancock
    March 14, 2012
  2. Susan J. Freed
    March 15, 2012
  3. National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans (NCCMP)
    Randy G. DeFrehn
    March 20, 2012

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Notice of Proposed Revision of the Form M-1

  1. Robert Leonard
    February 27, 2012

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Requesting Copies of Comments

Copies of public comments are also available upon request from EBSA's Public Disclosure Room.  Send requests for copies of documents to:

U.S. Department of Labor
Employee Benefits Security Administration
Public Disclosure Room
200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Suite N-1513
Washington, DC 20210
Tel 202.693.8673

Learn more about how to request documents from the Department of Labor in the EBSA publication How to Obtain Employee Benefit Documents from the Department of Labor.