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Number of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), Total Participants, Active Participants, Assets, Contributions, and Benefits
by type of ESOP, 1994
Type of Plan Number of Plans1/ Total Participants (thousands) Active Participants (thousands) Total Assets (millions) Total Contributions (millions)2/ Total Benefits (millions)3/

8,736 7,403 6,571 $222,780 $15,647 $16,085
Nonleveraged ESOPs 6,984 3,578 3,224 63,472 4,569 5,471
Leveraged ESOPs 1,753 3,824 3,346 159,308 11,078 10,614

1/Excludes plans covering only one participant.
2/Includes both employer and employee contributions.
3/Amounts shown include both benefits paid directly from trust and premium payments made by plans to insurance carriers. Amounts exclude benefits made directly by insurance carriers.

NOTES: A leveraged ESOP is one wherein loans are made to the ESOP in order to acquire employer stock or to refinance a prior ESOP loan with the backing of the sponsoring company's credit. The stock is placed in a suspense account and is allocated to employee accounts as the loan is paid. A nonleveraged ESOP does not acquire loans for the funding of stock allocation to employee accounts.

SOURCE: Form 5500 series reports filed with the Internal Revenue Service for 1994 plan years.

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