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Employee Benefits Security Administration
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1998 Newsroom Archive

Archived News Release — Caution: Information may be out of date.

The information in these news releases will be made available in alternate format upon request (large print, Braille, audio tape or disc). Please specify which news release when placing your request. Call 202-693-7828 (TTY 202-693-7755).


  • Madison Wis. Corporate Trustee Ordered to Restore More Than $50,000 to Plan for Federal Pension Law Violations [12/30/1998]
  • Court Grants Preliminary Injunction, Continuing Freeze of Assets of Trustees and Administrator of New York-Based Health Program [12/29/1998]
  • Judge's Ruling Concludes Final Piece of Lawsuit Against Multiple Employer Welfare Plan Sued for Unpaid Claims [12/22/1998]
  • Engineering Executives Ordered to Repay Company Pension Plan [12/18/1998]
  • Doctor and Wife Pleas Guilty to Pension Plan Fraud [12/18/1998]
  • Court Freezes Assets of New York Health Program [12/15/1998]
  • St. Paul Cooporation Sued by Labor Department for Violating Federal Pension Law [12/15/1998]
  • Overland Park Businessman Pleads Guilty to 401(k)Plan Embezzlement [12/15/1998]
  • Labor Department Issues Additional Guidance to Employee Benefit Plans on Y2K Compliance [12/14/1998]
  • Labor Department Lawsuit Names Printing Company Executives [12/14/1998]
  • Chicago Teamsters' Plan Trustees To Restore $20 million to Pension Plan [12/14/1998]
  • Latham, New York, Profit-Sharing-Plan Trustee Ordered to Appoint New Trustees [12/10/1998]
  • Labor Department Proposes Amendments to Annual Reporting Regulations [12/10/1998]
  • Mortgage Broker Arrested for Pension Plan Fraud [12/08/1998]
  • San Francisco Investment Management Firm Pays More Than $13 Million in Pension Settlement [12/08/1998]
  • Labor Department Seeks to Have Independent Trustee Named to Liquidate Florida 401(K) Plan [12/04/1998]


  • Labor Department Announces Decision on SOP 92-6 Non-Enforcement Policy for Multiemployer Welfare Plans[11/25/1998]
  • Labor Department's Advisory Committe on Negotiated Rulemaking to Hold December Meetings[11/23/1998]
  • Dallas Businessman Indicted for Misappropriating 401(k) Plan Assets[11/17/1998]
  • Labor Department Sues Chicago Corporation and Plan Trustee for Abuse of Employee Plan Contributions[11/17/1998]
  • Labor Department Obtains Court Order Resulting in Restoration of $1.5 Million to Little Falls, New Jersey, Teamsters' Pension Fund [11/13/1998]
  • Labor Department Finalizes Class Exemption on Foreign Exchange Transactions [11/12/1998]
  • Labor Department Sues Kentucky Company, Owner, and Stock Yards Bank for Purchase of Company Stock [11/12/1998]


  • Labor Department Sues Time Warner Inc. and Executives for Excluding Workers from Pension and Health Plans [10/26/1998]
  • Syracuse, New York, firm and Pension Trustee to Make $541,000 in Restitution to Pension Plan [10/23/1998]
  • Labor Department Proposes Amended Waivers on Receipt of Services on IRAs and Self-Employed Plans [10/21/1998]
  • Brownsville, TX, Trustees Ordered to Repay More Than $87,000 to 401(K) Plan for Federal Pension Law Violations [10/13/1998]
  • Labor Department Obtains Judgement Against Trustee of Hempstead, New York, Pension Plan [10/13/1998]
  • Computer Firms Win Goverment Contracts to develop a system to Process Annual Report Filings [10/09/1998]
  • Albuquerque Firm and President Make Restitution to 401 (k) Plan [10/07/1998]
  • Arlington Heights, Ill., service Provider to Make Restitution of More then $14,000 to Pension Plans [10/07/1998]


  • Dallas Businessman Indicted for Misappropriating Pension Assets [09/23/1998]
  • Labor Department Convenes Advisory Committee on Negotiated Rulemaking Under ERISA 3(40) [09/22/1998]
  • Labor Department Proposes New Regulation to Give Patients Faster Answers and More Information from Their Health Care Plans [09/09/1998]
  • Labor Secretary Alexis M. Herman Releases Report on Retirement Savings: Americans Need More Education about Saving [09/03/1998]
  • Former North Carolina Investment Advisor Barred From Serving Employee Benefits Plans [09/04/1998]


  • Latrobe, PA. Trustees Sued Over Misuse of Pension Assets [08/21/1998]
  • Court Freezes Assets of California Health Program [08/06/1998]


  • Labor Department Re-Affirms Warning to Employee Benefit Plan Administrators about Year 2000 Software Problems [07/23/1998]
  • Labor Department Settles Case With Investment Advisers INC. Over Fees Issues [07/21/1998]
  • ERISA Advisory Council Working Groups to Hear Testimony in August [07/17/1998]
  • Secretary of Labor Designates Head for Pension Agency [07/02/1998]
  • 401(k) Plan Participants Have New Source of Information on Fees [07/01/1998]


  • Albuquerque firm and President Sued Over 401(k) Plan Investments [06/30/1998]
  • ERISA Advisory Council Working Groups to Hear Testimonies in July [06/24/1998]
  • Labor Department Releases New Form 5500 Submitted to OIM for Approval [06/23/1998]
  • Labor Department Recovers Over $2 Million for Union Pension Plans [06/09/1998]
  • Labor Secretary Herman Says First Saver Summit is a Step to Securing the Future of America's Workers [06/04/1998]
  • Louisiana Home Health Care Providers Sued for Misuse of Pension Assets [06/04/1998]
  • Chicago Attorney Sentenced to Jail in Pension Fraud Scheme [06/04/1998]
  • Labor Department Unveils New Interactive Website for Small Businesses [ 06/02/1998]


  • Ohio Bank and Executives Sued for Misusing ESOP Assets [05/29/1998]
  • ERISA Advisory Council and Working Groups to Meet in June [05/27/1998]
  • Dislocated Workers' Pension and Health Care Coverage Addressed in New Labor Department Booklet [05/14/1998]
  • Philadelphia Nursing Home Pension Trustees Ordered to Resign Positions and Repay Plan [05/04/1998]
  • PA. Pension Trustee Sentenced for Embezzling Plan Money [05/04/1998]


  • Former Orange County Investment Firm Sued Over Mismanagement of Profit Sharing Plan [04/29/1998]
  • ERISA Advisory Council Working Groups to Hold Organizational Meetings in May [04/24/1998]
  • Colorado Leasing Firm and Owner Barred from Handling Plan Business [04/20/1998]
  • Marquette Businessmen Make Restitution to 401(K) and Health Participants [04/10/1998]
  • Minnesota Check Printers Settle Labor Department Lawsuit Involving Life Insurance Premiums [04/08/1998]


  • Ohio Dairy Executives Charged with Misusing 401(K) Assets [03/30/1998]
  • Trustee of Inglewood 401(K) Misusing Pension Money [03/26/1998]
  • Executive to Make Restitution to Profit Sharing Plan [03/16/1998]
  • Industrial Workers' Fund Officials Sued by U.S. Department of Labor [03/16/1998]
  • Chicago Insurance Agency and Owner Removed from Pension Plans [03/12/1998]
  • Santa Ana Firm and Owner Agree to Pay $220,000 Restitution to Pension Plan [03/11/1998]
  • New York Trustee Indicted for Embezzlement [03/03/1998]
  • Bowmansville Company and Trustee Agree to Repay Over $1.6 Million to Pension Plan [03/02/1998]


  • Los Angeles Firm and Pension Plan Trustees Sued for Mismanagement of Plan Assets [02/29/1998]
  • Labor Secretary Names Chairs for ERISA Advisory Council [02/26/1998]
  • Mississippi Plan Trustee Pleads Guilty to Embezzlling Plan Funds [02/25/1998]
  • Labor Department Announces Initiatives to Implement President Clinton's Consumer Bill of Rights directive [02/20/1998]
  • Court Orders Restitution of More Than $227,000 to Compton Pension Plan [02/19/1998]
  • Washington, D.C. Native Named Regional Director for Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration in Philadelphia [02/17/1998]
  • Former Georgia Pension Trustee Sentenced for Embezzling Plan Money [02/11/1998]
  • Labor Department Warns Employee Benefit Plan Administrators about Year 2000 Software Problem and Calls for Immediate Action [02/09/1998]
  • Labor Secretary Names ERISA Advisory Council Members [02/09/1998]
  • Labor Department Sues Ohio Corporation and Plan Trustees For Illegally Withholding Employee Contributions [02/04/1998]
  • Labor Department Announces Delay of New form 5500 to 1999 Plan Year to Provide Filers with More Filing Time [02/04/1998]


  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts To Refund $10 Million To Health Participants and Employers[01/30/1998]
  • Andover, Connecticut, Construction Firm & Officers Sued By U.S. Labor Department to Recover Employee Pension Plan Assets [01/30/1998]
  • Long Island Health Plan Administrator Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement and mail Fraud [01/30/1998]
  • Inglewood 401(K) Plan Trustee Charged with Misusing Pension Money [01/29/1998]
  • Ohio Plan Sponsor and Trustees Ordered to Pay More Than $41,000 of Additional Benefits to Participants for Under Calculating Benefits [01/26/1998]
  • Labor Department Announces Procedure for State-Registered Investment Advisers to Obtain ERISA Investment Manager Status [01/14/1998]
  • Ohio Businessman Sentenced for Embezzling Pension Assets [01/09/1998]

Archived News Release — Caution: Information may be out of date.