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Employee Benefits Security Administration

FAQs About The Form M-1 Online Filing System

Are there any costs to file online?

There are no costs to file online.

Which browser must I use? Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.?

All browsers are supported.

What can be filed online?

The following can be filed online:

  • The original Form M-1 for filing year 2003 - to the current filing year
  • Amended reports for filing year 2003 - to the current filing year
  • Final reports for filing year 2003 - to the current filing year
  • 90-Day origination reports for filing year 2003 - to the current filing year
  • Request for extension of filing for the current filing year

Who is eligible to use online filing?

Anyone that must file a Form M-1 can file it online.

What do I need to get started as a new user?

You will need a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) which can be used once only (see next question).  Once you've received your PIN (with accompanying access instructions), you can access the system and set yourself up as a user by selecting the New User function. This is required for first-time users to establish themselves on the system and to set up their profile, which includes confirming general user information, and choosing the desired account ID and password.

How do I get a user PIN?

New filers can request a user PIN (to be sent by postal mail) by using the PIN request form at

If I lose the user PIN, can I request a replacement online?

Yes, if the PIN is lost, a replacement can be requested at but will be fulfilled by postal mail. The program will not issue a PIN online.

If I previously filed online, do I need to use a PIN?

A PIN is only used once to initially set-up the account.  After the account is created, the PIN can no longer be used.  The user will instead use the username and password he or she chose when setting up the account to log in.

Is the information I submit secure and private?

Yes, all Form M-1 information submitted and transmitted online will be fully encrypted and secure.

How many users can access the same account or filing at the same time?

  • Each PIN can only be used by one administrator to set up one account.
  • One account can be used to submit filings for multiple plans.
  • Each account can only be associated with one account ID and password.
  • Any user who wishes to access the account must know the account ID and password.
  • More than one user can access the same account and its filings at the same time, but everyone must know the account ID and password for that account.
  • Care should be taken so that only one person at a time edits a specific filing. If multiple users edit one filing simultaneously, the last saved changes will overwrite previous ones.

What if I have questions about how to use this site to file the Form M-1?

The user guide link provides additional information on how to use this system. If you still encounter problems with the electronic filing, call the e-filing technical help desk at 202.693.8600. If you have questions on how to complete the Form M-1 please call 202.693.8360.

What if I have questions about the information required on the Form M-1?

The instructions link will take you to the official DOL/EBSA filing instructions for the Form M-1. Further inquiry may be made by calling the EBSA toll-free hotline at 1.866.275.7922.

I forgot my account ID and/or password. What do I do?

Select the Forgot Your Password link on the main login page and follow the instructions there.

What if I start to file online and discover I cannot complete the filing?

You can save one or more partially completed filings and come back later to finish them (up to six months).

Can I make changes to my filing or delete it?

You can freely edit (or delete) a filing until you mark the box to submit it for filing and actually submit it. But once a particular filing has been submitted, no further changes are allowed. If changes are required, you must file an amended return.

What if I have many attachments to file along with my Form M-1?

The system will allow you to upload electronic attachments subject to a 10-megabyte limit on each uploaded file.

In what format do my attachments need to be?

MS Office, Corel Suite, or PDF.

How do I know you have actually received my filing electronically?

An e-mail receipt, with a reference number for the filing, will be sent to the e-mail address you provide.