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National Dialogue on Workplace Flexibility

The Women's Bureau, in collaboration with the White House Council on Women and Girls, and subject matter partners, will support and expand the White House's Flexibility Forum. The Women's Bureau will continue this important discussion by hosting "National Dialogue on Workplace Flexibility" forums across the country with employers, advocates, unions, government officials and other key stakeholders.

The Women's Bureau will host four high-profile events across the country and additional smaller events throughout the year.

The four major events:

  • Fall 2010 — Dallas, Texas: This event will emphasize the unique challenges and best practices of small businesses.
  • Winter 2011 — Los Angeles, California: This event will focus on how workplace flexibility policies can be made more widely available for low wage workers, who tend to have less access to benefits.
  • Spring 2011 — Chicago, Illinois: This event will demonstrate how manufacturing industries can successfully implement flexible work options.
  • Summer 2011 — New York City, New York: This event will highlight implementation of flexibility practices in white-collar businesses.

In addition to providing a platform and convening diverse stakeholders, the Women's Bureau will use the National Dialogue to gather information, promote best practices and share stories of success for future publications promoting workplace flexibility.