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United States Department of Labor
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Federal Register Agency E-mail Addresses

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Employee Benefits Security Administration
EBSA does not use a single mailbox where comments on all regulatory proposals can be made electronically. Instead, EBSA uses a separate mailbox for each regulatory proposal with respect to which the public is invited to submit electronic, as well as written, comments.

Employment and Training Administration
ETA individual offices allow the public to comment on a rule electronically or in hard copy format. Typically, a proposed rule is posted on the ETA and/or DOL website with a rule specific email address for comments. The comments are compiled, reviewed and maintained by the office promulgating the rule.

Office of Unemployment Insurance (OUI): Each program area within OUI is responsible for issuing regulations pertinent to that program and maintaining the docket for those regulations. Contacts are:

Administrator: Gay Gilbert (202) 693-3046
Division of Legislation: Suzanne Simonetta (202) 693-3004
Division of Fiscal and Actuarial Services: Ronald Wilus (202) 693-2930
Division of Unemployment Operations: Betty Castillo (202) 693-3209

Division of Performance Management: Subri Raman (202) 693-3058
Division of Foreign Labor Certification: William Carlson (202) 693-3010

Mine Safety and Health Administration
The public can email comments at The address is in every FR document.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSHA establishes a docket for each of their rulemakings. The public may submit comments to these dockets at

Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP)
OWCP does not use a single mailbox where comments on all regulatory proposals may be sent electronically. Instead OWCP specifies an electronic mailbox and mailing address for each regulatory proposal to which the public is invited to submit electronic as well as written comments. The public may also submit comments through

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
Email comments for OASAM/Civil Rights Center (CRC) can be sent to
Email comments for OASAM/Business Operations Center (BOC) can be sent to

Veterans' Employment and Training Service
Email comments can be sent to