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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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State Energy Sector Partnership Grants Video & Audio

Secretary Solis Introduces the State Energy Sector Partnership Grants

Conference Call Audio Files

  • Conference Call with Secretary Solis and Senator Patty Murray:
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Video Transcript

Over the past three weeks the Department of Labor has awarded over $440 million in grants to help communities across the country spur economic recovery and begin the process towards energy independence and security.

And today, we are continuing our investment in workers by awarding $190 million in State Energy Sector Partnership and Training Grants.

In addition, approximately $25 million of these grants will be reserved for projects in communities impacted by the realignment of the automotive industry.

These grants will help workers gain access to good, safe and well-paying jobs, but also help support state energy strategies to help build a national green economy.

These grants are designed to:

  • Create an integrated system of education, training, support services and   career pathways for low-income and low-skilled workers;
  • Support States in implementing a statewide energy sector strategy including State energy policies, and job training activities that lead to employment in targeted green sectors;
  • Build and strengthen partnerships dedicated to building a skilled clean energy workforce; and
  • Develop partnerships with other agencies receiving Recovery Act funds to support planning and implementation efforts.

These grants are part of a larger Recovery Act initiative — totaling nearly half a billion dollars — to fund workforce development projects promoting economic growth by preparing workers for careers in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries. 

This investment continues to lay the groundwork to provide "Good Jobs for Everyone," and puts our country on a path for a clean energy future that works for all workers.

Thank you.