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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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Photo Gallery: Memphis, Tenn., Sanitation Workers Inducted Into Hall of Fame
(April 29, 2011)

Images include:

  • The Memphis sanitation workers from the 1968 strike meet in Secretary Hilda L. Solis’s office before the event begins.
  • Mr. Alvin Turner presented a gift, the historic book: Going Down Jericho Road, by Michael Honey to Secretary Hilda L. Solis.
  • With the Capitol in the background, Assistant Secretary of Policy Bill Spriggs and Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis hold up the “I AM A MAN” sign and pose with the eight Memphis sanitation workers before their induction into the Hall of Fame.
  • Master of Ceremony Assistant Secretary of Policy Bill Spriggs welcomes everyone to the ceremony.
  • All stand for the “Presentation of the Colors.”
  • Renee Barnes of AFSCME gives a stunning performance of our national anthem.
  • Pictured are the brave men who join us today to be recognized for their important work during the Memphis sanitation strike in 1968.
  • The stage view from the audience’s perspective—what a sight.
  • An audience member stands up to show his excitement!
  • In her remarks, Solis states: We honor the Memphis sanitation workers for their bravery and sacrifice in a time of great difficulty.
  • Mr. Alvin Turner talks about how Martin Luther King Jr. did not die in vain.
  • And, Mr. Alvin Turner speaks about what he thought Martin Luther King Jr. got to see when he got to peak over the mountaintop.
  • Mr. Joe Warren spoke of the early days of the union and the genesis of: I Am a Man.
  • Assistant Secretary of Policy Bill Spriggs and Martin Luther King III chat after the program.
  • AFSCME President Gerry McEntee, AFSCME Secretary Treasurer Lee Saunders and Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis poses with the Memphis workers.
  • One of the lead organizers from the 1968 strike, Jesse Epps expresses his joy.
  • Two of the Memphis workers pose with Secretary Solis in the U.S. Department of Labor Hall of Fame. These men, along with 1,300 other brave men were inducted into the Labor Hall of Fame.
  • Bill Lucy and Jesse Epps join the workers in front of the new display in the Labor Hall of Fame.
  • (no caption)