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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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Photo Gallery: Jane Oates hosts YouthBuild Alumni
(March 30, 2011)

Images include:

  • Jamie Alexander, a 1997 graduate of YouthBuild Indianapolis discusses a caseworker in a homeless shelter introduced her to YouthBuild.
  • Assistant Secretary for the Employment and Training Administration Jane Oates listens in as the YouthBuild alums share their stories.
  • Nina Saxon, a 1997 graduate of the original YouthBuild program in East Harlem, NY talks with Assistant Secretary Jane Oates about how she is applying the lessons she learned in YouthBuild to her current job as a consultant at the Bay View correctional facility.
  • Greg Weltz (L), head of youth programs for the Employment and Training Administration listens in as Nina shares her story.
  • Participants traveled to DC at their own expense to share their stories with staff at the White House, DOL, and on Capitol Hill.
  • Wayne Whack, a 2006 graduate of the YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School in Philadelphia talks about how at YouthBuild he received the personal attention missing from the large inner-city high school he dropped out of.
  • Maurice Randle, a 2001 graduate of YouthBuild Columbus in Columbus, OH talks about how YouthBuild prepared him for a job in construction, and also to be a better father.
  • Jamiel Alexander, a 2001 graduate of Crispus Attucks YouthBuild in York, Pennsylvania shares the impact that YouthBuild had on him, and why he wanted to give back as a non-profit leader in his community.
  • L to R: Greg Weltz, David Roberts, Jamiel Alexander, Nina Saxon, Jane Oates, Jamie Turner, Wayne Whack, Maurice Randle, Anne Stom.