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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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Photo Gallery: Secretary Solis visits El Salvador
(March 22, 2011)

Images include:

  • Secretary Solis (2nd from the right) is greeted by Hugo Martinez, Minister of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador (3rd from the left), and other dignitaries.
  • Secretary Solis and Minister Martinez sign agreement protecting the rights of El Salvador citizens who work in the United States.
  • Secretary Solis and Minister Martinez at the signing table.
  • Secretary Solis engages in conversation with El Salvador Minister of Labor Victoria Marina Velasquez de Aviles and first lady Dr. Vanda Pignato.
  • Questions are asked of the group during a press briefing (left to right): Minister of Labor de Aviles, Minister of Foreign Affairs Martinez, First Lady Pignato, Solis, and Mari Carmen Aponte.
  • Solis and El Salvador delegation pose for the camera.
  • Secretary Solis posing in front of Air Force One.
  • Secretary Solis and El Savadoran Ambassador.