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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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Photo Gallery: Assistant Secretary Jane Oates Launching Recycling and Resource Management program
(January 24, 2010)

(Photos/Credit: Fabian Lewkowicz.)

Images include:

  • Zero Recycling Station.jpg: From left to right, Alicia Villarreal, regional representative for Secretary Solis; Carol Hamilton, Santa Monica College dean of institutional development; Genevieve Bertone, Santa Monica College director of sustainability; Assistant Secretary of Labor for Employment and Training Jane Oates; and Patricia Ramos, Santa Monica College dean of workforce and economic development.
  • SMC Recycling 1: Oates and Santa Monica College President Dr. Chui L. Tsang feed worms at a worm composting facility during the launch of the college's new recycling and resource management job-training program dubbed “Jobs Through Recycling.”
  • SMC Recycling 4.jpg: Oates and Bertone at worm composting facility.
  • Bertone Tour.jpg: Bertone giving a “green” campus tour. Here she is in front of Santa Monica College’s “Eco-House”
  • Oates on tour.jpg: Oates with Hamilton and Bertone.
  • Oates 2:  Oates speaks during the launch of the “Jobs Through Recycling Program.”