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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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Photo Gallery: DOL Leadership Travels to the Gulf
(July 7-9, 2010)

Images include:

  • OFCCP Director Pat Shiu discusses purpose of DOL Gulf visit with a local television reporter at the Career Solutions One-Stop Center in Gretna, LA
  • Group of Asian American and Pacific Islander fishers discuss their concerns with the DOL delegation at a One-Stop Center in Gretna, LA
  • Deputy Administrator Nancy Leppink, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Elmy Bermejo, Director Pat Shiu and Jane Oates speak to concerned citizens at Career Solutions One-Stop Center in Gretna, LA.
  • Yung Pham with ETA in the Dallas regional office speaks to the group of Asian American fishers in Gretna, LA.
  • Phuong T. Bui, DOL Wage and Hour Division investigator, serving as an interpreter for the Vietnamese fishing community and passing along concerns to the DOL delegation.
  • Vietnamese American fishers impacted by the oil spill sharing their stories with the DOL leaders.
  • Vietnamese American fisher impacted by the oil spill sharing his story with the DOL leadership.
  • Vietnamese American fisher impacted by the oil spill sharing his story with DOL leadership concerning job training, language access, mortgage relief, and BP claims.
  • Local fishers who heard on the radio that the DOL delegation was in town and decided to join the meetings.
  • DOL leaders meet with African American fishers and oyster harvesters including Rev. Tyronne Edwards of Zion Travelers Cooperative Center in Phoenix, LA to learn about how the oil disaster has impacted local businesses in their community.
  • Rev. Edwards and Bryon Encalade of Louisiana Oysterman Association in Pheonix, LA tell their story.
  • The DOL delegation meets with affected Asian and Pacific Islander fishers and shrimpers at the Biloxi Public Dock to learn how language and culture barriers have affected the hiring of local fishers.
  • Delegation listens to concerns from the Asian and Pacific Islander fishing community.
  • DOL group meets with community based organizations at the Biloxi WIN Job Center.
  • OFCCP Director Pat Shiu discusses DOLís role to ensure that discrimination is not present during hiring practices in the workplace.
  • Local community and business leaders discuss ideas and share concerns about how to boost the local economy and create work opportunities for workers affected by the oil spill.
  • DOL leaders listen to concerns from local elected officials and business leaders about ways to help businesses and workers impacted by the oil disaster.