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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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Photo Gallery: UAW 35th Constitutional Convention in Detroit
(June 17, 2010)

Images include:

  • UAW members during Secretary Solis' speech at the union's convention.
  • Secretary Solis and Dr. Montgomery seated on at the UAW convention.
  • Secretary Solis congratulates Bob King, the new president of the UAW.
  • The Secretary addresses UAW members on Thursday.
  • Secretary Solis addresses 1,400 UAW delegates as president King looks on.
  • Solis discussing the impact of the Recovery Act during the UAW convention.
  • The Secretary underscoring the importance of the UAW's role during the passage of health care reform.
  • President King and Secretary Solis applauding Dr. Ed Montgomery's work as head of the Auto Task Force.
  • Macomb Community College President, Jim Jacobs shows Solis and Montgomery the campus.
  • Professor John Wieczerza demonstrates advanced robot training equipment for Solis and Montgomery.
  • Professor Arthur Knapp demonstrates Macomb's valve manufacturing training system to Secretary Solis.
  • An advanced welding student at Macomb describes the intense training program to Secretary Solis.
  • Novice students tell the Secretary that at Macomb, you practice outdoor welding in every type of weather -- to mirror real life conditions.
  • 'What a difference a year makes!' notes Dr. Montgomery, pointing to improvements in the employment situation.
  • Secretary Solis, flanked by Dr. Montgomery and President Jacobs, announces $40 million in new grants to help working families across Michigan.
  • Solis, Montgomery and Jacobs pose with an electric guitar, one of the many items students at Macomb learn to manufacture.