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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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Photo Gallery: Women's Bureau 90th Anniversary Celebration
(June 11, 2010)

Images include:

  • Carol Evans, President of Working Mother Media gives the opening remarks at the Women’s Bureau’s 90th Anniversary Celebration
  • Sara Manzano-Diaz, Director of the Women’s Bureau, shares her vision for the bureau and meaning behind the new 90th anniversary logo
  • Secretary Solis introduces First Lady Michelle Obama as the quintessential working woman
  • First Lady Michelle Obama is welcomed to the stage by Secretary Solis and Director Manzano-Diaz
  • The First Lady quotes a bulletin from the Women’s Bureau which reads, 'America will be as strong as her women.'
  • Michelle Obama reflects on a problem with work/life balance –- 'For too long, policies that help people balance work and family responsibilities have been seen as niceties for women, rather than as the necessity that can benefit all of us, men and women alike.'
  • Ultimately, as the proclamation my husband signed honoring this Bureau said, and this is a quote, 'Equal economic opportunity and wage parity are not simply women’s issues –- they are Americans’ issues.' And even after 90 years of hard work, we’ve still got a way to go,” said the First Lady.
  • The crowd of guests applaud the First Lady as she gives her closing remarks
  • Secretary Solis gives Michelle Obama a special gift. It is the letter that President Roosevelt sent Congress to nominate Frances Perkins as the first women cabinet member.
  • Director Manzano-Diaz gives the First Lady a special commemorative poster and the first pin with the Women’s Bureau logo.
  • The First Lady shakes the hands of several guests who attended the 90th anniversary event.
  • Michelle Obama embraces Assistant Secretary for the Office of Disability Policy Kathy Martinez.
  • Carol Evans, First Lady Michelle Obama, Director Manzano-Diaz, and Secretary Solis pose for a photo at the historic event.
  • Standing (left to right: Former directors of the Department’s Women’s Bureau: Karen Nussbaum, Irasema Garza, Shirley M. Dennis, Carmen Rosa Maymi, and Lenora Cole Alexander. Seated: Secretary Hilda Solis, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey.
  • Director Manzano-Diaz smiles at Gail Patterson-Shipp, a Women’s Bureau staff member, after her outstanding performance of the National Anthem.