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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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Photo Gallery: Williard Wirtz Memorial
(June 3, 2010)

Images include:

  • Tom Donahue president emeritus, AFL-CIO and life-long friend to Willard Wirtz welcomes friends and family and shares his insight into the life of the former Labor Secretary.
  • Bill Moyers, journalist and life-long friend to former Secretary Wirtz recalls several noble actions that Wirtz undertook while serving the Department of Labor and the Johnson Administration.
  • Image of the crowd of family, friends, and former colleagues in attendance at the memorial event.
  • Wirtz son Philip shares the evolution of his understanding of his father as both a dad and a man.
  • Fran Weeks, sister of Wirtz tells the crowd about her relationship with her “big brother” throughout the years.
  • Secretary Solis shares a beloved story about Wirtz that has been down from former Labor Secretaries.
  • Frank Erwin, former executive assistant to Wirtz gives an intimate account of Wirtz’ experiences as Secretary of Labor.
  • Group shot of the memorial service speakers: Bill Moyers, journalist; Frank Erwin, former executive assistant to Wirtz; Secretary Solis; Fran Weeks, sister of Wirtz; Wirtz son Philip; and Tom Donahue president emeritus, AFL-CIO.
  • Guests view a video tribute to Willard Wirtz.
  • Phillip Wirtz and Tom Donahue speak with Supreme Court Justice Stevens at the reception.
  • Justice Stevens meets with Secretary Solis and Deputy Secretary Seth Harris.