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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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Photo Gallery: Dr. Ed Montgomery Tours Plastikon Industries, Inc. in Hayward, California and the Nummi Re-employment Center in Fremont, California
(May 28, 2010)

Images include:

  • Ed Montgomery chats with Fred Soofer, President of Plastikon, a Bay Area auto parts supplier.
  • Ed Montgomery tours Plastikon's injection molding plant.
  • Ed Montgomery sits down to listen and meet with Bay Area workers, officials, and business and community leaders. Bob Nelson, President of the UAW-LETC, and Victoria Bradshaw, California Secretary for Labor and Workforce Development, join the meeting.
  • Ed Montgomery and DOL friends at the NUMMI Reemployment Center in Fremont, Calif.
  • Ed Montgomery listens and talks with local officials in Hayward, Calif.
  • Ed Montgomery meets with workers about DOL's "Steps to Success" helping local workers and families.