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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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Photo Gallery: Secretary Solis meets DOL staff in Town Hall (March 10, 2010)

(DOL Photos/Credit: Shawn Moore, Kevin Kennedy)

Images include:

  • Backstage - Before the Big Event!
  • Matthew Russell of BLS asks about reservists differential pay.
  • ILAB's Marcia Eugenion wanted to know: Why aren't there more women and people of color in the Labor Hallof Fame?
  • Assistant Secretary for OASAM Michael Kerr makes a point.
  • Deputy Secretary Harris explains the Department's Schedule A hiring strategy.
  • "It reminds me of my time in Congress... talking to people in the district," says Secretary Solis about the DOL Town Hall.
  • Great idea!
  • Employees who went "above and beyond" during the recent snowstorms get special recognition.
  • Tanya Lowe, Program Manager of the National Contact Center, receives special recognition during the Town Hall.