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United States Department of Labor
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Office of Information Services (OIS)

The Office of Information Services (OIS) is located in the Office of the Solicitor's Division of Management and Administrative Legal Services (MALS).


The OIS mission is to provide Department-level FOIA administrative functions at the Department of Labor and to help make DOL FOIA services more efficient and effective.


  • provides FOIA guidance to DOL personnel with FOIA responsibilities;
  • evaluates and works to improve the FOIA administrative process at DOL;
  • performs DOL-wide FOIA training;
  • administers the FOIA tracking system/database serving all DOL components, to allow the public and DOL components to review the status of FOIA requests;
  • assists in resolving disputes between FOIA requesters and DOL agencies; and
  • coordinates and files reports on DOL's FOIA operations, including the FOIA annual report.

OIS Staff

Contact Title and Name


Ramona Oliver

(202) 693-5391

Lead FOIA Specialist/DOL FOIA Public Liaison
Thomas G. Hicks, Sr

(202) 693-5427

FOIA Specialist (Liaison)
Sharon Hudson

(202) 693-5406

Program Specialist
Darlene Miller

(202) 693-5442

Program Specialist
Arginia "Nia" Karamoko

(202) 693-5531