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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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ILAB Web Chat on Open SGAs

Friday, October 14, 9:30 a.m. EDT

9:15 DOL Moderator: Good morning! We will begin our chat at 9:30 a.m. ET but you can submt your questions at any time. This is a text-only chat, meaning that there will be no video or audio. Your questions will appear in the main window only when they are answered so there is no need to send in the same question multiple times.

9:31 ILAB: Welcome to the ILAB SGA web chat! Thank you for taking the time to participate in today’s discussion regarding our fiscal year 2011 Solicitations for Grant Applications. This Web Chat will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions about SGA 11-06 and 11-07 on Ethiopia and Peru. We look forward to answering your questions on both solicitations. We have a great team of staff from ILAB, Procurement, the Division of Cost Determination, and our Solicitor’s Office in the room today, and we will try to get to as many of your questions as possible. We will only be able to respond to questions in English.

Also remember that you can find additional information about our FY 2011 SGAs, on the ILAB website at

The transcript of this web chat will be available on the ILAB website after our session ends.

9:41 Comment From Rachel C: SGA-11-06 states that "Budget should include $70,000 for implementation evaluation costs." Does this include both the required external evaluation coordinated by USDOL as well as internal evaluation activities or only the latter?

9:41 ILAB: Hi. Thank you for your question.
As mentioned in the SGA11-06 on page 21, USDOL requires projects to undergo an external implementation evaluation once at an interim point in the project and again no later than three months before the project’s end, to assess project performance and progress in meeting goals and objectives. The $70,000 applicants have been asked to include in their budgets is intended to support implementation evaluation activities. Grantees will be expected to consult with USDOL post award regarding the utilization of these funds for evaluation activities.

9:42 Comment From Rachel C: SGA-11-06 states that "Budget must include funds for travel by the Project Director and/or other key personnel based in the field to meet annually with USDOL officials in Washington DC or another site." Separately USDOL requires "Budget must include funds for travel by the Project Director and other key personnel to attend a post-award meeting (two months after award) in Washington, DC." Does this mean two sets of trips should be budgeted for Year One?

9:42 ILAB: Thank you for your question, Rachel. Yes, as stated in the SGA, the “Budget must include funds for travel by the Project Director and/or other key personnel based in the field to meet annually with USDOL officials in Washington DC or another site.” Separately, “Applicants based both within and outside the United States must budget for the Project Director and/or another key personnel staff member to travel to Washington, D.C. for a post-award meeting, which will be held within two months of award (i.e., after December 31, 2011).”

9:47 Comment From Rachel C: Could USDOL provide a target number of past performance references per organization for Annex C?

9:47 ILAB: While we do not specify the number of past performance references, as stated on page 44 under Organizational Capacity, “Applicants will be rated on their demonstrated capacity to technically, administratively, and financially manage a project of similar type, funding amount, and complexity as proposed in this solicitation.”

9:51 Comment From Rachel C: Will USDOL accept annexes in addition to the ones specifically named in the solicitation?

9:51 ILAB: Rachel, thanks, again, for your question. Please note as stated in the SGA, “any additional documentation submitted that is not required or specifically requested under this solicitation will not be considered.”

9:54 Comment From Lynn: Does this grant require meeting or conference suppor?

9:54 ILAB: Thank you for your question, Lynn. The SGA does not include specific requirements for meeting or conference support. However, if an applicant believes that their project strategy requires such support, this should be described in their proposal.

10:06 Comment From CarmenP: Regarding SGA 11-07, What does USDOL mean with awarding "one or more cooperative agreements to qualifying organizations"? Is USDOL's preference to award only one or to award more than one cooperative agreements?

10:06 Comment From CarmenP: Regarding SGA 11-07, What does USDOL mean with awarding "one or more cooperative agreements to qualifyng organizations"?

10:06 ILAB: Carmen, thank you for your questions. USDOL’s intent, based on this solicitation, is to support activities to combat exploitative child labor in Peru. As noted in the SGA, USDOL will award “up to $13 million for one or more cooperative agreements” to qualifying organizations to carry out this work. No preference is provided for in this solicitation regarding the number of cooperative agreements to be awarded. I hope this answers your questions.

10:16 Comment From Sherry: The NGO I operate has specialized legal expertise in global child rights, especially labor issues. How would we go about offering our services as a sub-contractor to an organization that is submitting a do we know who is submitting so we can contact them directly? thank you

10:17 ILAB: Thanks for your question, Sherry. As noted in the SGA, applicants may specify subcontractors and subgrantees in implementing their strategy. USDOL, however, does not have information about potential applicants in advance of the closing of the solicitation. Once the award is made, USDOL will announce publicly the recipient organization(s).

10:29 Comment From María: In the Peruvian award, is necesary to make a Project that includes the two departments or could be only one?

10:29 ILAB: Thank you for your question, Maria. Yes, the project must include both departments. As noted in the SGA, the focus of this cooperative agreement(s) is to support efforts to eliminate exploitative child labor in Huancavelica and Huanuco regions of Peru. As also noted in the SGA, applicants must respond to the entire scope of work outlined in this solicitation in order to be considered responsive.

10:30 Comment From María: The award is going to be decided on december.The project implementation must start in january?

10:30 ILAB: Thank you for your question, Maria. As noted in the SGA, “The start of the program activities will be negotiated upon award of an individual cooperative agreement(s) but will be no later than December 31, 2011.” The SGA also notes that key personnel must indicate “their commitment to serve on the project and their availability to commence work within 45 days of cooperative agreement award.” In addition, “Applicants must propose an approach that seeks to enroll children in direct educational services with minimal delay; ideally, one that ensures children do not miss an academic year or program cycle.”

10:36 Comment From maria gloria: Regarding the SGA in Peru, is DOL going to conduct an impact evaluation?

10:36 Comment From maria gloria: Is DOL going to conduct an impact evaluation for the project in Perú?

10:36 ILAB: Maria, thank you for your questions. Yes, as described in the SGA on page 27, “following award, Grantee(s) will be required to work with USDOL-funded external evaluators in the development of a Comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation Plan and the implementation of an ‘impact evaluation’ of one or more selected project interventions. The impact evaluation will provide rigorous evidence of the impact of selected interventions on reducing exploitative child labor.”

10:38 Comment From Maró: I would like to know if USDOL expects any specific number of beneficiaries? If there would be household services, is accepted to target adult beneficiaries?

10:38 ILAB: Hi, Maró. Thank you for your question. The solicitation does not require a specific number of beneficiaries. Applicants must target “households to receive livelihood services that will help make them less reliant on child labor to meet basic needs.” Applicants may provide services to adult beneficiaries in households to achieve this goal.

10:38 Comment From Sherry: Where can we find a list of the grantees from previous contract?

10:38 ILAB: Thanks, Sherry. For more information on USDOL projects, please visit .

10:39 ILAB: Thank you all for participating in today's FY 2011 SGA web chat. We had some great questions. We appreciate your interest in applying for DOL funding to combat exploitative child labor.

For further details on how to apply and copies of the SGAs, please visit and the ILAB website Any questions about these solicitations should be submitted to Brenda White and Jim Kinslow in USDOL’s Office of Procurement Services at and .

Thank you again for participating.

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