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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez

DOL Mobile Applications

DOL Apps


DOL App Contest Winners: Mobile Apps

Please note: these applications are not supported by DOL. To learn more :

Labor Wage Statistics

Labor Wage Statistics uses statistics provided by the Department of Labor to help with future career choices.

Labor Wage Statistics Mobile App

Eat Shop Sleep

Looking for a popular restaurant nearby? A hotel without code violations to stay at? Eat Sleep Shop for your iPhone/iPad is here to help. Search for places to eat, shop & sleep and then read customer reviews as well as health, safety & labor highlights as a consumer in the know.

Eat Shop Sleep Mobile App

iCitizen Labor Report iPhone application puts the informative findings from Department of Labor WHD and OSHA into the hands of the public in an easy to use interface optimized for the mobile platform. What better way to get access to this important data but while out and about. The application uses geo coding to identify findings that are in close proximity. Check before you choose to dine at a restaurant, or apply for a job at a establishment, or stay at a hotel. The interface allows the users to set criteria to narrow the focus of the findings, either via navigating graphically with a map view or by data points using a list view. Best of all, this government data is mixed with extensive social produced content to add value to the citizen. The Yelp integration is a simple click to check reviews of establishments with findings.

iCitizen Labor Report Mobile App


DOL Connect

DOL Connect is an interactive Mobile Application to search and browse OSHA and WHD Compliance investigations.

DOL Connect Mobile App

iDOL iPhone App

iDOL is an iPhone app for navigating Department of Labor inspection data. Currently, iDOL displays inspections by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and by the Wage and Hours Division. With iDOL, users can view inspections by state or by industry (according to NAICS 07 categories), or search by business name, viewing the results on a map. Establishments that have had violations are identified with red pins, and those that have not are identified with green pins. For more information about an establishment, one can select the pin as is normally done in the iPhone Maps application, to display details of the inspection, including the name and address of the business, the date(s) of inspection, type and number of violation, and the amount of fines assessed. Information from the detail view can be shared via email.

iDOL Mobile App  t

Job Compass

Need an app to help you make that next career decision? Look no further than Job Compass, a decision-making app to aid you in your next career move. Job Compass is powered by extensive data from CareerBuilder, Zillow©, and the U.S. Department of Labor, and is currently only supported by Windows Phone 7 *Mango* devices.

Job Compass Mobile App

Occupation Wage Data

This app is available for Windows Phone 7 and up. The app can be dowloaded for free from the Windows marketplace. Just search the marketplace for Shawn M Holman OR Occupation Wage Data. Have you ever thought about how much to ask for on a Job application or wondered how much you could make working in the big city?

Occupational Wage Data Mobile App

DOL App Contest Winners: Internet Browser Apps

Please note: these applications are not supported by DOL.

Where are the Jobs?

Did you know that Chemists make the most in Washington D.C. and the least in Montana? Did you know that California has the most Chefs — 10,530 to choose from — or that Chiropractors in Alaska earn the most in the country? Despite the grim job market, some occupations continue to provide higher pay and a greater number of jobs, yet the availability and salary of those jobs depends greatly on your geographic area.

Where are the Jobs?


The OES MAP gives an "at a glance" view of the different employment statistics such as wages (hourly and annual), total number of jobs, unemployment rates as well as location quotients on a map of the U.S. You can easily switch between occupation groups and drill down into the sub groups. The map is interactive and you can click on any state to reveal a scorecard about this state. The scorecard features detailed information about the states population, employment and unemployment numbers, the average wages and deviation from the U.S. average. It also lists the states top employers and an industry breakdown in percent.


I.C InfoChoice

I.C InfoChoice is a web application that allows the user to see the OSHA and WHD Inspections information by company name, state and zip code. If an establishment has a record in Yelp, it will be displayed too. This tools is provided as help for citizens who want to find information about the places they go to eat, the companies they work for, and that provide them different services and products.

I.C. InfoChoice


Inspection Radar

Inspection Radar is the consumer and service-sector worker's source for actionable Department of Labor (DOL) inspection/compliance information. It may be accessed on desktops, laptops, AND many popular mobile devices.

Inspection Radar

What's the Beef?

Learn or help bring awareness about unsafe, unfair workplaces. Browse and visualize inspection data from the retail, restaurant, hotel/motel industries.

What's the Beef?

Job Tracker

Working America's Job Tracker allows anyone to find out what companies have exported jobs overseas or broken laws protecting workers-including violations of health and safety codes, child labor laws or the Fair Labor Standards Act. The dynamic interactive database lists information on more than 400,000 corporations and subsidiaries.

Job Tracker