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U.S. Department of Labor Futurework
  Trends and Challenges for Work in the 21st Century
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MIT: Symposium of Changing Employment Relations

Table of Contents

The Task Force on Reconstructing America's Labor Market Institutions

I. Reframing Institutions of Representation
The dialogue around new institutions of representation often become stalled at a tradional labor-management impasse. To move the debate forward, the Task Force joined with the U.S. Department of Labor to host the "Symposium on Changing Employment Relations and New Institutions of Representation" where participants discussed options for balancing employer and employee interests.
II. Inspecting Nonunion Models for Employee Voice
Alternative mechanisms of employee voice have sparked considerable debate with much of the controversy focused on employer-based labor organizations. Other models provide examples of ways that beyond collective bargaining, employees can organize to influence conditions in the workplace.
III. Rethinking Union Structures, Rebuilding Union Capacity
While many believe that the American labor movement is on an irreversible decline, participants discussed how innovation is occurring at all levels of the movement —from the national to the local —and particularly in new strategies for organizing workers.
IV. Innovation on the Ground: New Approaches to Union Organizing
V. Building Blocks: Community Level Strategies
VI. Different Voices: Other Forms of Non-Union Employee Representation

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