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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez

Tools for America's Job Seekers Challenge Phases

Phase 1: Submit Tools

From November 30, 2009 to December 18, 2009, ETA encourages entrepreneurs and organizations to help develop an online inventory by submitting on-line job search and career advancement tools at Although DOL is primarily interested in identifying free tools for America's job seekers, tools with a fee may be submitted as long as the submitter provides a short-term demo site or other platform that allow the tools to be reviewed free of charge in Phase 2 of the Challenge. After the Challenge has been completed, the workforce development system and job seekers can decide whether to buy or license such tools. DOL will accept submissions from businesses and entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and state and local workforce agencies. DOL will classify the tools into one or more of these categories:

  • General job boards, listing sites, and aggregators
  • Niche job boards
  • Career tools such as ladders, transition tools, etc.
  • Web based career exploration sites
  • Web 2.0/social media sites specializing in job searches or job postings
  • Other job matching and career advancement tools

Along with the tool itself, ETA will ask developers to provide basic information such as the target uses and users of the tool or product, and contact information. At their option, developers may also submit a YouTube video of their tool in action or other tool-related materials.

Phase 2: Explore and Recommend

From January 4 to January 15, 2010, DOL invites workforce development professionals and job seekers to test-drive the tools and recommend those they find useful. Reviewers are encouraged to recommend tools based on: 1) how effective the tool is in providing accurate results — such as how well the tool identifies jobs available in the target labor market; 2) how efficient the tool is in completing job search and/or career advancement tasks in a reasonable amount of time; and 3) user satisfaction . Reviewers may recommend as many tools as they wish, and are encouraged to comment on the tools to provide DOL with more feedback.

Phase 3: Communicating Results

In early February, DOL/ETA will publish the top tools in each category, to help workforce system leaders decide which tools to make available through One-Stop Career Centers, state job banks, and other on-line resources.

Phase 1 - Submit Tools - Completed
Phase 2 - Recommend tools - Closed
Phase 3 - Results - Available Now


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