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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez

Welcome to the Tools for America's Job Seekers Challenge!

DOL is pleased to announce the results of the Challenge. Over 16,000 users reviewed and recommended over 600 job search and career advancement tools. Recommendations have been tallied, and the top-rated sites in each of 6 categories — general job boards, niche tools, career tools, career exploration tools, web 2.0 and "other" — are now available at All participating tools can also be viewed through the site. Congratulations to the top recommended tools, and thank you to everyone who participated!

Finding a job in today's economy is hard work. The Employment and Training Administration wants to make sure job seekers have the best possible job search resources at their fingertips through the national network of One Stop Career Centers. As a complement to the full range of services available through One Stops, on-line tools are an important resource for job seekers as they research career options, identify available jobs, and find the best fit for their skills and experience.

In a fast-changing marketplace, it is difficult for the nation's almost 3,000 One Stop Career Centers and the over 20 million job seekers they serve to keep up with state of the art on-line job search and career advancement tools. To help the workforce investment system uncover new and effective on-line tools, DOL challenged enterprising entrepreneurs and organizations to showcase their on-line solutions, and invited workforce system decision-makers and job seekers to explore, comment on, and recommend tools.

The Challenge has now closed, and ETA has publicized the top recommended tools, along with all participating tools, in order to more quickly connect job seekers with job openings.

Phase 1 - Submit Tools - Completed
Phase 2 - Recommend tools - Completed
Phase 3 - Results - Available Now

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