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10 Things Your Congregation, Synagogue or Mosque Can Do To Help Workers

  1. Pray for all workers.
  2. Encourage your members to advocate for public policies that seek justice for all workers, including fair living wages, safe and healthy workplaces, and health care benefits for all workers.
  3. Encourage your members to talk about how they practice their faith on the job. Most workers face challenging ethical questions at work. Structure opportunities for your members to talk about their work lives and find support for ethical dilemmas.
  4. Seek to ensure that all the workers employed by your congregation/synagogue/mosque are paid a fair living wage and health care benefits.
  5. Educate your members about workers' rights. Information is available at We Can Help (, the National Employment Law Project (http://www/, Interfaith Worker Justice ( — and other sites.
  6. Get involved and become a member of a local worker center or with organizations like Interfaith Worker Justice (, Jobs with Justice (, National Day Laborers Organizing Network (, and National Domestic Workers Alliance (
  7. Join or form a local interfaith committee for worker justice.
  8. Invite a labor speaker or have one of your leaders speak about worker justice during Labor Day weekend or at an appropriate time. Appropriate worship resources are available from the Interfaith Worker Justice's, "Labor in the Pulpit, on the Bimah, in the Minbar" (
  9. Invite someone from the Department of Labor to speak to workers in your congregation about worker rights that are protected under state and federal laws. Many workers, especially low-wage workers, don't know their rights.
  10. Participate in Labor Day events sponsored by your local labor community.