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				BRB No. 04-0572 
				Case No. 03-LHC-2149

JOHN N. LOICANO      			)
		Claimant-Petitioner	)	DATE ISSUED:  June 9, 2004
	v.				)
		Employer-Respondent	)	ORDER

By letter dated April 22, 2004, the Board acknowledged the above captioned case. However, the Board inadvertently addressed the acknowledgement letter to employer. The caption is correct as it appears in this Order.

Subsequently, on May 25, 2004, claimant filed a motion requesting that his appeal be dismissed. The Board grants claimant's motion and dismisses the appeal. 20 C.F.R. §802.401.

By Order of the Board:

Thomas O. Shepherd, Jr.

Clerk of the Board

NOTE: This is a LHCA Unpublished Document

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