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Chief Evaluation Office (CEO)
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Chief Evaluation Office

Current Study

Technical Skills Training Evaluation of the Ready to Work Partnership Grants


  • The purpose of this project is to understand the implementation and effectiveness of select training and related services in the Ready to Work (RTW) Partnership grant program. It includes an implementation study to understand how the programs were designed and implemented and an impact study to measure the effectiveness of these programs in improving participants' short and long-term outcomes. The RTW grants are intended to assist long-term unemployed workers in gaining the skills and competencies needed to obtain employment in high-growth industries or economic sectors, and to better meet employer needs for jobs currently being filled through the H-1B visa program. The study will examine how four different RTW programs were designed and implemented, and measure the impact of these programs in improving participants' short and long-term outcomes. Together, these two components of the evaluation will provide lessons for future programs and practices.

Research Questions:

  • How were each of the four grantee programs designed? What training components do they include? Who are they serving? How were they implemented?
  • What are the RTW programs' effects on participant outcomes of interest, including educational attainment, employment, earnings, and other short- and long-term outcomes for the long-term unemployed?

Project Duration: 56 Months

Contract End Date: May 2022

Contractor: Abt Associates, with MEF Associates


Completed Reports

Completed Reports

Title of Study

Release Date

Evaluation of the Ready to Work Partnership Grant Program: Findings from the Implementation Study of Four Training Programs for Long-Term Unemployed Workers

November 2017

All CEO completed reports can be found on our Completed Reports page.